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Eco-schools meeting

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On 17 March, COCEMFE participated in XVIII the meeting of the eco-schools network of the Community of Madrid placed in the amazing 1º de mayo park.

The event was organized by Eco-Schools and ADEAC (Environmental and Consumer Education Association). The main objective of this encounter was promoting experiences exchange around the good practices of some eco-schools.

The Eco-Schools Programme aims to introduce and/or promote environmental education for sustainable development and environmental management and certification in early childhood, primary and secondary schools at international level.

We could find different environments around like experimentation corners, eco-curler, eco-appointments, talks, etc.

The meeting included different spaces which helped to get some ideas and learn how to implement some interesting practices in other schools, above all in those projects of INCLUDL Schools directly related to ecology and accessibles gardens.

Terraces, self-irrigation, different methodologies to introduce pupils to gardening and other specific ítems to work different competences, were exposed in this event.

The meeting counted with the participation of more than 95 schools.

Participating stand