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As Anamur District Directorate of National Education and Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School, we held an information meeting with our teachers who will take part in the project within the scope of our project A total of 18 teachers, 8 from VB Atatürk Secondary School and 10 from disadvantaged schools affiliated to our District Directorate of National Education, attended the meeting. Branch Manager Ali Bulut chaired the meeting, which took place on October 10, and project managers Ayhan Sezdirmez and Gülname Kayhan made necessary explanations and provided information.

Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School 1
Vakıfbank Atatürk Secondary School 2

On October 27, VB Atatürk Secondary School informed their parents about the project at the meeting they organized for the parents. At another parents’ meeting, organized within the scope of the project , which was held on December 30, also with the participation of Branch Manager Ali Bulut, parents’ expectations from the school, the strengths and weaknesses of the school were discussed, and all the answers were noted and added to the SWOT analysis.

On November 25, 2022, we came together with our teachers from various schools to make a SWOT analysis of both VB Atatürk Secondary School and our District Directorate of National Education as part of our project. At the meeting chaired by Branch Manager Ali Bulut, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our institutions were discussed in detail, and necessary studies were started to become more inclusive institutions by preparing SWOT analyzes of our institutions.

SWOT analysis 1
SWOT analysis 2
SWOT analysis 3

On January 5, 2023, we informed our teachers and parents, who were involved in the project process and supported the work, about the progress of the general work of the project.

Informing about prject’s process 1
Informing about prject’s process 2