TPM in Athens 16-17/2

We are excited to share an overview of the recent Transnational Project Meeting in Athens for our initiative aimed at enhancing inclusivity in European schools. The INCLUDL project brings together a diverse team of education professionals from various European countries, united by a common goal: to equip teachers with the skills and tools to integrate more inclusive didactic programs within their schools and broader communities.

The meeting was a resounding success and we look forward to continuing our efforts to make the goals of INCLUDL a reality!

Key Objectives:

Skill Enhancement: Enhance teachers’ competencies in designing and implementing inclusive didactic programs.
Cultural Exchange: Facilitate cross-cultural dialogues among educators to broaden perspectives and share best practices.
Community Engagement: Strengthen collaboration between schools and their local communities to create a more inclusive and supportive network.

Meeting Highlights:

Cross-Cultural Dialogue: The meeting provided a platform for educators to share insights into their respective educational systems, shedding light on both challenges and successes. This cross-cultural dialogue paved the way for a deeper understanding of the diverse contexts in which inclusive education is practiced.

Networking and Collaboration: Stakeholders had the opportunity to establish meaningful connections, fostering a collaborative network that extends beyond borders. The meeting encouraged the exchange of ideas, resources, and strategies that can be adapted and customized to suit the unique requirements of each participating country.